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It started when I was 5 years old. I got
my first instrument. A classical guitar,
kids-size, because it was my dad's opinion, that I should play an instrument, which is easy to carry around. Classical concerts in small and large concert-halls in Hamburg followed. When I was 12, I got the piano that I was longing for. All just classical? Oh no, one could play along excellently with both instruments while singing, and that's how I had my first solo-appearances. Later on, appearances with various schoolbands followed.
After graduating, I continued with music. Besides my appearances in various music groups, studiojobs and songwriting sessions in Stockholm, I'm very happy to find myself on stage with this excellent band.

Isobel was born and brought up in the Welsh city of Swansea, UK.
Coming from a family background of educators, and having a mother who is both a singer/musician and also an "Early Years Primary" school teacher meant that the home environment was always packed with fabulously fun things - hand-puppets, books, colourful hand drawn or painted pictures, musical instruments, and, for every occasion - from morning 'til bedtime, a song! This environment has had a very clear influence on Isobel. She has a passion for music, and creative arts, and a joy for working with children. She is fortunate for have had the opportunity to successfully follow both pathways. She is an accomplished singer/musician and performer.
In 2002 she created one of the world´s most famous tribute shows to ABBA. Isobel created ABBAMANIA. This show played for five months at the London West End and of course she took the lead part. This production consequently went on to tour Europe and beyond. She has sung in venues such as the sold out Cologne Arena, and made many radio and television appearances, including a ZDF ABBA special, sharing the scene together with Bjoern Ulvaeus.
If anyone knows the choirs of ABBA then there certainly is
Isobel Davies-Meyer.
Together with the voice of Anja Bublitz
ABBAFEVER presents the best ABBA since ABBA.

Hi everyone, my name is

Since 2014 I am the offspring of ABBAFEVER. I am the band´s hatchling.
Being in a banh like ABBFEVER is a real highlight. But my absolute highlight in 2014 is my wife and our new born baby.
My hatchling! (: He´ll probably be the biggest ABBA-Fan the world has ever seen.

Before being a husband, father an a member of the FEVER-Family I have traveled all around the world as a musician. At the age of 14 my classical vocal training began. Later I graduated in Hamburg in singing, dancing and acting. I´ve experienced lots of great moments in theaters all over the world. Recently I was on an european tour as an ensamble member of the production "The 12 Tenors".

Now I am really looking forward to spend lots of time with ABBFEVER. I´m proud to be a member of the coolest and most unique ABBA-Tribute-Band!

- See you soon! -

The first breath took place on May 18th 1965 in Hamburg. A new Taurus was born!
It happened on the 11th birthday: the first guitar. A small step for Axel, but a
musical mile stone for the rest of the world. At that time, the world was relatively small. Oh-sounds from my Granny and my Mom: “He won´t do this for a longtime anyways – pedals in the wind”!!!

First band 1984 ( no name ... nothing came to my mind?!), ... then in 1985 band Chigugu with "a real whim, 1989 band Juicy with Lucy until 1993, 1992 guitar-duo XXL with Jörg created (great idea!), 1993 helped to create SUBS coverband, 2000 helped to create NIGHTFEVER, 2001 helped to create band

It appeared to me quite early on that with the music of ABBA, people of totally different ages always reacted in a very special way! End of the 70's beginning of the 80's I didn't want to admit that I liked ABBA of course!

After all I would have rather had AC/DC, Kiss or Police written on my pencil-box than ABBA!
Only much later, I understood how intelligent the music of ABBA was and how people reacted in such a special way. Today I truly play ABBA with a lot of fun! Great music!

Otherwise I die for roast goose (... not only at Christmas) and for the slapstick comedy of Götz Alsmann (greetings to him!).

My name is Rainer, single,
born on October 1st 1968 in
Hamburg, and I am one of the founders of ABBAFEVER. This happened at the beginning of this millennium. I've been playing the percussion- instruments for more than 20 years. Beside the cool beats and the real ABBA-groove, I see to the singing-harmonies in the band, which is not unimportant in ABBA's music.
Most of all I start to gush, when I hear the two singers Barbara and Anja – can respect to the music of ABBA be shown in a better way than that?! I can only recommend a visit to one of our concerts, so that the music of ABBA will play an important part in your life, too.
Greetings, Rainer.

P.S. Thanks a lot and especially lots of greetings to all the fans of

Heiko Behrendt started at the age of 12 to play the guitar. Only at the age of 19 he
became a bass-guitar player by conviction and put the classic guitar in the corner
for good. (... his hands are too big and his fingers too long!!!). Finally he had to ask himself the following question: Studies or professional music? He chose to study and now he is an event-agency manager in his free time.

In 2002 the big luck came – Hennig von der Lippe chose his former school-pal as a "job-sharing bass player". The ideal possibility for Heiko to compensate the impending midlife crisis.
"I became a fan of ABBA when I first interacted with their music. Today I love the music of the Swedes and I enjoy every show". By his musician colleages he's often called "Mr. Business" or Mr. Smiley.
Heiko loves life, people and music. He's a perfectionist, but also willing to compromise. But deep inside there's also a little devil slumbering!

With ABBAFEVER he's actually never on stage. But with "ABBAFEVER meets
NIGHTFEVER" he's the center of the stage-events due to his know-how and multi-
facetedness. Stefan Wolter ... A 100%-member of the Fever-family.

In Axel Marquandt's book "The Marsch-People – a study about an unknown people" (Rake Edition: 3-931476-09-X) Stefan Wolter is seen as one of the strange fellows who plays a quite important role when it comes to get a (Marsch) person in a good mood. (You can well read this sentence twice ... it gets easier!) This hits the nail on the head in this case. It's not only that the "Aquarius" born in 1961, did exactly this in Itzehoe (Schleswig-Holstein). More importantly, he grew up there, went to highschool, went to college, took care of good moods everywhere.
The media domaine is completely in his hands:

Is it as "Stefan Wahnsinn" in the 80's,
as radio DJ in Bamberg (1989), who enchanted the Francomans with his northern charme
as advertising-speaker for TV – and radiospots,
as a music producer,
as radio moderator "Dr. Beat" (Delta Radio, Kiel / FunFun Radio 95.0, Hamburg,
as "Warm Upper" (ARD Das Quiz / NDR Quizshow / SAT 1 , VERA at noon)
or as eloquent moderator for Air Promotion.

He's our multi-faceted man for every occasion.

Sweden is back
The Original ABBA - Fever Tribute Show
from Hamburg /Germany