Abbafever - Das Konzert

Many musicians composed actual ear-wigs – ABBA composed real hymns and belongs to the worldwide most popular bands of the 70's and 80's.

The first group- single in 1972 "People need love" was published by the Swedish quartett under the name "Björn, Benny, Anna & Frida". One year later their song "Ring, Ring" was a failure at the preliminary selection for the Grand Prix d'Eurovision de la Chanson. With the new bandname ABBA, consisting of the initial letters of their first names, they won one year later the Contest in Brighton / England with the song "Waterloo". This layed the foundation for a fantastic world-career.

Until their separation in 1982, ABBA sold internationally over 180 million records and had 21 Top Ten Hits in Germany alone. Up to now, despite the many tempting offers, the four sympathetic Swedes never considered setting foot on a stage together as ABBA again, to the regret of many enthusiastic fans. The fancult is nevertheless unbroken. Their music is still as alive as ever.

For 8 years now, ABBAFEVER has inherited the original legacy – with much success! With more than 100 concerts per year in Europe, Canada and the Middle East, this show evolved from being unknown to being the undisputed ABBA Show Nr.1!

Abbafever - das Konzert

Our new production of
is an exceptional
hommage to the "Number 1 Hits" of ABBA.
This Show goes, along with the audience, on a trip into
the dazzling, colorful world of the 70`s and demonstrates their talent an creativity.
The audience experiences a real live concert of 7 musicians. The colorful interpretation of the songs in combination with the unique voices of the two singers has led this production to become a true "showhighlight".

Abbafever the generations fuse into one another and so it´s not astonishing, that the musicians fell themselves as a big family. If the group ABBA was still on stage today, they would certainly sound like ...

Sweden is back!
The ABBA - Fever Tribute Show